Just grab it

PriMus enables you to layout and finetune your score in a straightforward manner, which hasn't been seen before. Where other programs require the selection of particular tools for each different task, PriMus just says: Grab it!.
Either if you shift a staccato-marking, setup an optimal textposition, change the indentation of a staffline or reshape a whole textframe, all that happens in a easy, straightforward manner: click and drag!

Want a video? Just click the image!


  • All symbols easy and directly moveable by the mouse
  • Beams, Slurs, Crescendi etc. can be directly reshaped.
  • Anchor notes of slurs etc. are automatically changed.
  • Easy finetuning of symbol-placements
  • Lyrics can be shifted horizontal, vertical and also spread
  • Moving lyrics for single syllables, complete lines or the whole song
  • Textframes can be made wider and narrower and moved around
  • All that and much more without seleting particular tools for each task