Chambermusic: scores and parts

There are special requirements, as soon as it comes to chamber-music: different staff-sizes in the piano-score for the piano and the strings. Multiple rests have to be notated separate in the score and as combined multibar-rests in the parts. Formatting has to guarantee, that the number of pages is a multiple of 4 (in order to make best use of the sheets). And also the page turings have to be carefully selected, to enable a fluent performance without unneccesary interruption.

PriMus masters all this at best. Formatting takes places by a few mouseclicks. Even in dense scores the score preserves a harmonic, balanced look. Since PriMus supports multi-movement-works within one single document, the creation of part-extractions is a matter of a single click for the complete document. Adding articulations and dynamics is a breeze, even for richly furnished string-parts.


  • arbitrary staffheigts
  • full automated part-extractions
  • Independent page-format and staffsizes for part-extractions
  • intelligent joining of multibarrests
  • two ore more movements are all held within one single document